Exclusive 'Jonny Quest' Could Be Warner's Next Big Franchise

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Dr. Zin Previous Index Next Johnny Test CharacterSheets/Western Animation Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures A page for describing Characters: Jonny Quest. Jonathan "Jonny" Quest The titular protagonist. An 11 year old boy who accompanies his scientist father on.

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: With Frank Welker, Quinton Flynn, J.D. Roth, Michael Benyaer. A teenager and his extended family investigate the supernatural and other mysteries around the world.

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A second Jonny Quest series was syndicated in 1986-87 as part of the second season of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, with two new characters: Jessie Bradshaw, whose father was a colleague of Dr. Quest, and Hardrock, a man made of living stone.

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Jonny Quest Character Reference Guide. In 1995, Hanna-Barbera Classics, Inc. produced a 5-volume set of character reference guides for a number of its "classic" cartoon creations. Included in the set are volumes on "The Flintstones," "The Jetsons," "Scooby-Doo" and "Jonny Quest." While the 4 non-JQ books are chock-full o' data, trivia and other.

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. production supervisor (26 episodes, 1964-1965) Series Art Department Doug Wildey. supervising art director (6 episodes, 1964) Series Sound Department Buddy Myers. sound director (26 episodes, 1964-1965) Series Camera and Electrical Department Series Animation Department Series Music Department Series Script and Continuity Department

Exclusive 'Jonny Quest' Could Be Warner's Next Big Franchise

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11 Born Jonathan Quest Family Benton Quest (father) Unnamed mother † Hadji (adopted brother) Relationships Race Bannon (bodyguard) Bandit (pet dog) Other versions of this character Telefilms • The Real Adventures • Future Quest

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Jonny Quest - Full Cast & Crew 1964 -2020 1 Season ABC Kids TVY7 Watchlist Where to Watch An adventurous boy travels the world with his scientist father in this popular animated series, which.

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The series is about a young boy named Jonny Quest and his adventures with Dr. Benton Quest, his scientist father; Roger "Race" Bannon, who is Jonny's and Benton's trainer and bodyguard; Hadji, Jonny's adoptive brother and best friend from India, and Bandit, his adorable little dog.

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Jonny Quest is a science fiction - adventure media franchise that revolves around the titular boy named Jonny Quest, who accompanies his scientist father on extraordinary adventures.

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Jonny Quest voiced by Tim Matheson Dr. Benton C. Quest voiced by John Stephenson and 1 other Race Bannon voiced by Mike Road Hadji voiced by Danny Bravo Bandit voiced by Don Messick Dr. Zin voiced by Vic Perrin Recurring Roles Mr. Corvin voiced by Daws Butler Roberts voiced by Vic Perrin Search Plane Pilot voiced by Vic Perrin Junior

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures) is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera and broadcast on Cartoon Network from August 26, 1996, to April 16, 1997.

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The Ace: There is precious little that Race can't do.And he'll fake the rest, too. Age Lift: In the original series, Race was thirty-two when Jonny was eleven.In this series, Race is thiry-eight in the first season, later being bumped down to thirty-seven in the second, with Jonny likewise being fourteen in the first and bumped down to thirteen.

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All characters in the Jonny Quest franchise. Trending pages Race Bannon Hadji Jessie Bannon Bandit Hardrock Hadji Singh Dr. Zin Ezekiel Rage All items (271) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q

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There are 364 characters in the Jonny Quest franchise on BTVA.7 of these have appeared multiple times as different versions of a character across various titles/mediums.357 characters have appeared in only a single title. Multiple Incarnations: 7 characters Single Characters: 357